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What's all the Fuss about Vaginal Rejuvenation?

It’s all over magazine articles, social media, and podcasts. The vagina is a hot topic! There are many providers offering some type of “vaginal rejuvenation” service. What does vaginal rejuvenation really mean, and who needs it? Read on for the truth from a pelvic floor and vaginal health specialist.

Vagina Art


Just like our tissue or skin anywhere on the body, the vagina goes through changes as we age. Pressure from pregnancy and vaginal delivery can cause weakness or tears in the support tissue of the vagina. Loss of normal hormone balance as women enter menopause can worsen these changes. So can chronic straining with constipation, repetitive heavy lifting, and carrying excess weight. This can lead to:

  • Urgency of urination

  • Leaking of urine

  • Sagging vaginal walls (pelvic organ prolapse)

  • Feeling “loose” during intercourse

  • Decrease in vaginal lubrication and moisture

  • Painful sex

  • Changed appearance to the vaginal lips (labia)


The term “vaginal rejuvenation” does not refer to any one specific procedure. It is often used to describe any procedure that improves the look or function of the vagina. Severe conditions, like pelvic organ prolapse that causes a ballooning of tissue outside the vagina, are best treated with specialized surgery by a urogynecologist, like Dr. Kristin Jackson. However it’s best to address vaginal issues BEFORE they become extreme. There are many ways to improve the vagina without surgery.

  • Vaginal laser therapy with the diVa laser effectively restores vaginal tissue without surgery or downtime. The diVa laser uses a dilator that is inserted into the vaginal canal and systematically releases energy that will stimulate collagen growth throughout the canal. Not only is it minimally invasive, but this entire procedure only takes 3-5 minutes! That’s less time than waiting in line for a coffee! After a treatment series, the vagina is tighter and much more moisturized, leading to more comfortable sex.

  • Can you believe that we can microneedle the vagina? Sounds crazy but it’s true! The Morpheus V microneedling and radiofrequency treatment treats both the inner vaginal canal AND the external vaginal lips. Morpheus V stimulates collagen to tighten the vagina and make it more sensitive during sex. Plus, Morpheus V can improve the look of the vaginal lips by shrinking and tightening them without surgery.

  • Sometimes the vaginal anatomy is fine, but the nerves that help women orgasm need a boost. A series of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections into the vaginal wall, clitoris and labia can increase cell growth, to make orgasms easier to achieve and more powerful! These injections are very comfortable to receive, as a powerful numbing cream is used prior to injection. Treatment just takes minutes, and sensation improves over several months.


The team at Foundations at Maitland are all vaginal and sexual health experts who have been helping men and women have a more fulfilling and intimate sex life for over 20 years. If you are considering vaginal rejuvenation, you deserve to only see an expert.


At Foundations at Maitland, in Maitland FL, we offer a full range of non-surgical treatments to help you reach your aesthetic, wellness, and sexual goals. Our providers are highly trained and experienced. We are led by our double-board certified surgeon, Dr Kristin Jackson, who has personally developed all treatment protocols and is closely involved in the day-to-day operations of our medical spa. With her extensive training in all non-surgical cosmetic treatments as well as over 20 years of surgical experience, Dr Jackson is uniquely qualified to ensure our medical spa provides you with the highest standards of quality care and safety.

If you are looking for vaginal rejuvenation doctors near you, we can help! Contact us today for your complimentary consultation!


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