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Reveal Your Inner Glow

chemical peels orlando

Chemical peels are a wonderful way to refresh your skin.  By removing the dull outer layers of skin, chemical peels can reveal your natural skin’s glow.  Peels can also address everything from acne and uneven skin tone to sun damage and hyperpigmentation. 


Chemical peels offer a dramatic improvement to skin, reducing fine lines, age spots, scars and wrinkles and are safe and effective. Normally performed on an out-patient basis, there are three types of chemical peels: light, medium and deep peels. Which type of peel you get depends on your skin’s condition, our recommendation, and what works for your lifestyle. 


Most chemical peels are derived from plants and fruits. Chemical peels loosen the bond that holds the dead skin on the surface together. Over time, dead skin gradually lessens, revealing both softer and smoother skin. The whole procedure normally takes just a few minutes, has minimum discomfort, and creates little to no downtime. 


See a chemical peel in action here: ZO 3-Step Chemical Peel by Dr. Obagi | Nashville Licensed Aesthetician 

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