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Sexual Enhancement

vaginal looseness

Vaginal Looseness/Loss of Sensation

Childbirth, menopause, surgery and aging can all change the feeling and appearance of the vagina.  Dr Jackson and her team of pelvic floor specialists have helped women of all ages restore the look and feel of the vagina, relieve painful intercourse and enhance sexual pleasure.

painful sex

Painful Sex / Vaginal Dryness

Sex should be pleasurable, not painful, at any age! Vaginal dryness, menopause changes, cancer treatments, lichen sclerosis, and scarring can lead to painful sex, but you do not have to live with this.  Our team of sexual health experts want to help you feel amazing during sex!


Urinary Incontinence/Leaking

Urine leakage may be common as we age, but it is NOT normal! Dr Jackson has over 20 years experience in treating all types of urinary leakage, with plenty of non-surgical, non-invasive options!

enlarged labia

Sagging/Wrinkled/Enlarged Labia

The skin of our vaginal and labia show signs of aging, just like on the rest of our body.  Childbirth can also change the appearance of the vulva and vaginal lips.  We offer both surgical and non-surgical options for restoring or enhancing your feminine beauty!


Orgasm Enhancement

Maybe you struggle to reach orgasm, or you are able to reach climax but it's just not as strong or pleasurable as it once was.   There are several non-invasive treatments to enhance your pleasure!


Decreased Libido

Dr Jackson is an extensively-trained hormone optimization specialist and has helped both men and women improve their libido, treat fatigue and brain fog, and enhance their overall quality of life with proper, safe hormone replacement therapy.

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