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No Needles, No Problem

SOFWAVE™ Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam Technology SUPERB™, FDA-cleared to lift the eyebrow, lift lax skin of the submental tissue and lax skin of the neck tissue; as well as improve facial lines and wrinkles of the face.   


Starting in our mid-20’s, collagen and elastin starts to break down causing our skin to wrinkle. Sofwave™ is a new, clinically-proven, non-invasive approach to rebuilding collagen, thereby improving facial lines and wrinkles.  Using proprietary Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam Technology, SUPERB™, energy precisely passes through the skin’s surface (the epidermis), heating the mid-dermal tissue at just the right depth and temperature to rejuvenate collagen fibers and improve the overall appearance of the face. 


We love SOFWAVE™ for so many reasons: 

  • Can lift folds in the mid-face, not just fine lines and wrinkles, up to 1 whole centimeter! 

  • Can tighten crepey neck skin 

  • Lifts the brows for a more youthful appearance 

  • Sharpens the jawline for a more defined look 

  • Results in a more lifted and toned overall facial appearance 

  • Does not require invasive surgery or extended recovery time 

  • Can be customized to target specific areas of concern 


Learn more about SOFWAVE™ here! 


Hear what a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon has to say about SOFWAVE™! Surgeon to Celebrities says Sofwave™ is the Number 1 Choice for Minimally Invasive Devices. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does SOFWAVE work?

SOFWAVE™ uses high intense, high frequency ultrasound energy to heat tissue deep under the skin, to treat signs of skin aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, lax or loose skin, and cellulite on the face or body. Ultrasound energy is delivered by a handheld device that cools the surface of the skin while delivering energy to the deeper layers only, to stimulate collagen and elastin formation.


The cutting-edge technology used by SOFWAVE™ is intended to effectively and precisely target wrinkles. Our providers can deliver ultrasound heat exactly at the 1.5mm depth in the mid-dermis, where wrinkles first appear, by using the patented SUPERB technology. The built-in cooling system further guarantees that the top layer of skin is not injured during treatment. SOFWAVE™ treatment zones cause a natural healing reaction, which encourages the skin’s collagen and elastin to regenerate. This creates visible skin lifting and tightening.

Who is the best candidate for SOFWAVE™?

SOFWAVE™can be the solution you’re looking for if your looking for a non-surgical facelift, or you are just not quite ready for a surgical intervention. With the use of this ground-breaking energy tool, you may get a non-surgical facelift result such as skin tightening for the face and neck, skin lifting, and brow, jowl, and neck raising.


SOFWAVE™ may help you get the appearance you want, regardless of whether you have issues with cellulite, fine lines and wrinkles, or sagging skin.


Candidates for SOFWAVE™ are often people who have begun to show indications of aging and want to rejuvenate their skin without surgery. You may be a great candidate for SOFWAVE™ therapy if you have fine lines, mild to severe facial wrinkles, and modest sagging of the skin on your face and neck. SOFWAVE™ can also target areas of cellulite, diminishing the appearance of dimpled skin.

How is SOFWAVE™ performed?

A layer of numbing cream is applied to the treatment area for about 30 minutes. Once this is removed, the treatment is performed over a layer of cooling gel. The SOFWAVE™ handpiece is used to deliver ultrasound energy to the entire area, usually with multiple passes. With each "pulse", the ultrasound energy is precisely delivered to a 1.5 mm depth, while cooling the surface layer of the skin. Most patients describe the treatment as a feeling of heat and a prickling sensation.


Treatment time is from 30-90 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated.


There is no special preparation before a SOFWAVE™ treatment; it's one of the best features, since it treats all skin colors, and even tanned skin! Immediately after treatment, skin may feel warm or swollen for a few hours, but you can apply skin products right away.


Your provider will recommend an initial series of 1-2 SOFWAVE™ treatments to reach your goals; treating cellulite typically takes more treatments.  Additional treatments about once a year are recommended to maintain results.


Patients may begin to feel some skin tightening after a few days, but best results are seen 3 months after the final treatment, when the development of collagen and elastin is complete. Continue to use medical grade skin care and use sunscreen daily to maintain your results.

How much does SOFWAVE™ cost?

  • Individualized treatment plans are customized during your free consultation

  • Discounts available for combination packages with other services

  • We partner with Cherry and Afterpay to offer interest-free monthly payments

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