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Sofwave Ultrasound - Non Surgical Face Lift


Ultrasound therapy is a safe, non-invasive therapy using sound waves. It has been used in medicine as a diagnostic test. The sound waves are sent into the body, bounce off certain structures, and return to the device, which converts them into an image. In this way, physicians can visualize soft tissues without radiation or invasive tests.

Unfocused beams of ultrasound have been used since the 1950s for different forms of treatment. Sound waves can be used to create heat in tissues, since the waves vibrate.

  • The first ever therapeutic treatment with ultrasound was to warm tendons, muscle and other tissue to improve blood flow and accelerate healing.

  • Ultrasound waves have been used to promote transport of drugs into the body.

High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) produces a high level of ultrasound waves in a very small spot, typically just a few millimeters in diameter. This type of very focused ultrasound beam can precisely treat tissue, and has been used to address:

  • Cancer tumors of breast, prostate, kidney, and pancreas

  • Uterine fibroids

  • Essential tremor

  • Parkinson’s disease

  • Thyroid nodules

Sofwave Ultrasound Treatment


Significant research and development are being pursued in the area of non-invasive aesthetic applications. The most advanced treatment using ultrasound for aesthetics is Sofwave. This is a non-invasive treatment to tighten and lift loose skin and wrinkles, and it can be performed on the face and other areas of the body. Sofwave offers a breakthrough, non-invasive treatment to increase both collagen and elastin in skin, without the hassles from a surgery.


Sofwave uses Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam SUPERB™ technology to precisely deliver the energy to 1.5 mm below the skin surface. This heats the tissue of the dermis to the exact temperature needed to stimulate collagen and elastin growth. If this amount of energy were applied to the surface of the skin, it would be too hot and a burn would result. Sofwave technology includes an integrated cooling mechanism, to protect the surface of the skin and prevent burns. Over time as collagen and elastin grow, skin is lifted and fine lines and wrinkles disappear.


At Foundations at Maitland, we offer many top-of-the-line anti-aging treatments for skin. However certain treatments may be limited to patients based on their skin type, or skin color. Other treatments can only be safely performed in fall or winter because patients need to stay out of the sun both before and after treatments.

Sofwave is easy to recommend to all patients:

  • All skin types and colors can be treated

  • You do not need to avoid sun exposure either before or after treatment (hello Florida…when do we ever avoid the sun??)

  • It’s typically a single treatment, although patients with more advanced wrinkles or loose skin may need a second treatment

  • There’s practically NO downtime; some patients are a little pink for under an hour, but you can put makeup on right away and resume all normal activities

  • It is an exceedingly safe and well-tolerated therapy

Sofwave therapy using ultrasound technology is our go-to procedure for all patients who desire lifting of the face, jowls, neck, and eyes/brows with no prep and no downtime.


At Foundations at Maitland, in Maitland FL, we offer a full range of non-surgical treatments to help you reach your aesthetic, wellness, and sexual goals. Our providers are highly trained and experienced. We are led by our double-board certified surgeon, Dr Kristin Jackson, who has personally developed all treatment protocols and is closely involved in the day-to-day operations of our medical spa. With her extensive training in all non-surgical cosmetic treatments as well as over 20 years of surgical experience, Dr Jackson is uniquely qualified to ensure our medical spa provides you with the highest standards of quality care and safety.

If you are looking for skin tightening doctors near you, we can help! Contact us today for your complimentary consultation!


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