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Revitalize Your Intimate Health


The Empower platform by InMode offers a full menu of  in-office, non-surgical procedures for vaginal rejuvenation and vaginal wellness.  The MorpheusV treatment combines both radiofrequency (RF) and microneedling to remodel the vaginal tissue and tighten the vaginal skin, including the labia (external lips of the vagina).  The FormaV gently and uniformly heats treated tissue to tighten and improve appearance.   vTone provides electrical stimulation directly to the pelvic floor muscles in the vagina, improving vaginal tone and urinary loss.

What It Treats:

  • Vaginal laxity

  • Decreased sensation during intercourse

  • Lichen sclerosis

  • Vulvar vestibulitis

  • Vaginal dryness

  • Urgency of urination

  • Frequency of urination 

  • Sagging, wrinkled or enlarged labia

Treatment Time:

About 30 minutes

Recovery and Downtime:

  • 1-3 days of pink spotting

  • Pelvic rest until spotting resolves

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Frequently Asked Questions


How Does Empower Work?

MorpheusV is an FDA-cleared, non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment option to restore vaginal health.  It combines microneedling with radiofrequency energy (RF) to stimulate collagen production, thus tightening and enhancing the inner vagina and outer labia.  FormaV delivers RF energy to tissues of the inner and outer vagina, to further tighten and improve their appearance.  The vTone therapy uses electrical stimulation directed to specific pelvic floor muscles surrounding the vagina to improve sexual function and reduce symptoms of urine loss.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

Depending on the type of condition treated, typically 3 MorpheusV and/or FormaV treatments, spaced about a month apart, may be necessary to get the best results.  vTone is recommended as a weekly treatment for 6-8 weeks.

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Does It Hurt?

MorpheusV is performed under local anesthesia.  The hand-held device uses micro-pins that work at different levels of the tissue, and the anesthesia will keep any discomfort to a minimum.

FormaV and vTone do not require anesthesia.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • Individualized treatment plans are customized during consultation

  • We offer discounts for bundles of treatments

  • We partner with Cherry to offer interest-free monthly payments

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